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Short survey reveals that over 60 per cent of Seething Wells students unhappy with bathrooms and security


A Seething Wells en-suite A Seething Wells en-suite Photography by Grace Newton

Students living in Seething Wells are reported to be the happiest in Kingston University, but according to a recent survey the bathrooms are bringing them down.

Over 60 per cent of students have experienced problems with their en-suite’s at least once during their time at the Portsmouth Road halls of residence, according to a survey of fifteen people.

“Flooded shower”
Nancy Williams, 19, second-year Criminology student said: “The bathrooms are disgusting. They’re really small and they smell. My shower flooded out into my room [but] I just sorted it out myself.”

University service complaints including accommodation increased nearly four times over between the period of 2011-12 and 2012-13, from nine complaints to 34.

“No hot water”
Criticisms such as the showers being “too small” and one case of a whole weekend without hot water are big issues for the students; the majority…

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