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Kingston University’s “shameful” bullying record is slowly bubbling to the surface with an anonymous whistleblowing blog


A mystery whistleblower who is blogging under the name Kingston University London Dissenter is exposing corruption within Higher Education institutes, and he or she wants everyone to know about it.

According to the blog, the University and College Union (UCU) have recently polled Kingston University as the second worst university for bullying.

Kingston University Dissenter's Blog Screengrab Kingston University Dissenter’s Blog Original Screengrab by Grace Newton

The anonymous blogger, whose site has been live for almost a year now, said in a spoof letter from the university’s Vice Chancellor Julius Weinberg:
“Students contribute through volunteering (they can’t get paid work), they make the streets safer when they’re pissed, they sustain my job and salary.”

The Kingston University London Dissenter’s Blog describes itself as “A blog that highlights aggressive management at Kingston and other UK universities”, but is shrouded in mystery as to who this Kingston whistleblower really is.

The cogent blog exposes some harsh truths of the current…

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