About Grace

Grace Newton here!

The anti-selfie generation

I am a Human Rights with Journalism student who thinks that the world is a wonderful and intriguing place, as well as a terrifying beast. I love poetry and politics and the colour green. My top hobbies are collecting Autumnal leaves and getting lost in a foreign country. I also love running in the rain and getting caught up in thunderstorms.

I currently study at Kingston University and love my time there studying and hibernating in the library with Jean-Jacques Rousseau. I have spent my second year on exchange abroad which has been split between Upper State NY, USA and Perth,Western Australia.

I am passionate about environmentalism, sustainablity and feminism and hold a particular interest in foreign policy, Latin American politics and nuclear disarmament.

I was born in London but brought up in a little mining village in County Durham called Fishburn.

Everything that i say is of my personal opinion and if you disagree with me, great! Isn’t that the beauty of life?

Feel free to check out my self-sustainability blog here!


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