Brexit & You - Originally posted on Bar Work Advice:
“100 per cent rise in hate crimes since Brexit” The triggering of Article 50 for Britain’s exit from the EU has left many in the hospitality sector feeling insecure about their future. Across England and Wales there was a 27 per cent rise in hate crimes since the Brexit…
Harassment & You - Originally posted on Bar Work Advice:
“90 per cent of bar and waiting staff have been verbally harassed” A recent survey conducted for Barworkadvice revealed that over 90 per cent of bar and waiting staff had been verbally harassed at work. The survey of 201 staff also exposed sexism as a major problem in the…
Does anyone even know what socialism is? - The term ‘socialism’ has taken a beating recently. Bandied around by slightly left-of-centre US social democrat Bernie Sanders and his zealot followers, the word has grown weary across the pond too. Fans and foes alike have hackneyed the term socialism in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s Old Labour declarations and anti-New Labour policies. But do these … Continue reading
A new era of consciousness in activism - “You can’t make change by just talking about something.” “These protests and marches are useless. You can’t make change by just talking about something.” I was sharing some beers with my friend and I’d just told him about the solidarity stand I’d attended earlier that day. The campaign was in support of the 267 refugees … Continue reading
The US election for the 1% - Coming from the UK, I found the party campaign spending over the top and fruitless. In the 2010 General Election, individual candidates and national parties spent a whopping £45.5m, included in this figure were the unlimited (but public) donations which totaled £65,654,486 in 2014. According to the NY Times, In the current Presidential Election campaign … Continue reading
Should New York be worried after Oregon? - A recent New York Times article entitled ‘As Campus Fears Rise, So Do Efforts to Enact School Gun Laws’ revealed: “Over the past two years, nearly 15 states have debated legislation, making it easier to carry concealed weapons on campus.” This came as a sharp contrast to California’s Governor Jerry Brown banning concealed weapons on … Continue reading
We all need to protect our workers’ rights and that includes supporting the tube strikes - We were all there last September marching for better wages, but what about better working conditions? Why are we setting up Facebook groups such as ‘Ban tube strikes’ and ‘We hate tube strikes’ and filling Twitter with endless abbreviated profanities directed at the underground staff (albeit 140 characters worth)? The strike is at an all-time … Continue reading
Thatcher’s crackdown on trade unions - The 1980 Employment Act which made solidarity action illegal with no picket lines allowed with six+ people 1982 Employment Act outlawed most forms of solidarity action and implemented financial sanctions to trade unions too 1984 Trade Union Act which made it illegal to strike without a ballot and 1989 Employment Act amendment whereby restrictions were … Continue reading
Card making at Islington Community Chest event - [This piece was originally posted on Here To Islington’s blog which can be viewed here]   Islington Council’s Community Chest Celebration was filled with entertainment on Wednesday, with countless stalls and entertainment including music and line dancing at the North London borough’s Assemly Hall. Here to Islington’s volunteering table, which was run by community development co-ordinator, … Continue reading
The politics of dialect and the realisation that I talk like a toff - If you didn’t know me you probably wouldn’t believe me. I was brought up in the North-East. Alas, much to the disappointment of any male Cheryl Cole fans I encounter (I beg your pardon, Cheryl Versini Fernandez), my voice sounds about as northern as a Billy Bragg song. Yet this is less to do with … Continue reading


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