I like music

Fidlar gig in Berlin FUCK YEAH

So back at the start of their European tour us hipsters (who are far too cool for UK gigs) travelled far and wide aka to Germany to catch the LA skate punk band FIDLAR FUCK IT DAWG LIFE’S A RISK.

Below, if you click on the photo of me GOIN EFFIN CRAY TO THE ZAY you get to watch the whole darn set. Rad brothers or what?
30 minutes in and me and Lead singer Zac Carper simultaneously collapse from exhaustion of COOLNESS and you catch lil ol’ me handing Zac a glass, correction, ‘cup’ (glass at a punk gig?!?! nuh uh) of water.If you look super close you see a twinkle of love in his eye, that is, before disappointedly announcing that he thought said water was Vodka. Oh Zac. How silly of you. Where do you think you are, Poland??? You’re 37* miles too west bro. (*May not be true). Immediately after this i get a swarm of hands extending desperately towards my water, assuming that my spasm induced dancing and extrovert nature is, of course, down to LSD.

I AM A GOLDEN GOD.                      I DIG MUSIC.                                  I’M NOT ON DRUGS.

Danke schön!

Saving on air.

Saving on air.


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